Our frequently asked questions

Why does the software shows me BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB instead of my windows serial number?

Sometimes the serial number BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB will appear on computer which are bought with a already installed operation system. This is a MAK (Multiple activation code) for computer manufacturers. They can save a lot of time with this multible key.
On the other side is this key not saved in the system and the software is not able to read the key.

Serial numbers

Among other, Product Key Reader supports the following programs

  • Battlefield
  • Command & Conquer
  • FIFA
  • Medal of Honor
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Need for Speed
  • The Sims / The Sims 2
  • ... and more

More then 10.000 programs are supported with this software (market leader):
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